"Simply for the love of music"

* * * Feature Set Saturday November 15:   Russel Moore & Not For Hire * * *

Steve Urech,    Cam Woolvet,   Russel Moore,   Fernando Golini.

If you are a fan of Gord Lightfoot's music, you have to come and see these guys.   Russ Moore has been performing Gord's songs since he first heard them and does Gord proud in his renditions.  He backs his warm vocals with his masterful guitar and mandolin playing.   Accompanying him for this evening's set is his band, "Not For Hire", excellent musicians in their own right who have played many gigs in the Oakville area.   Russ is also a fine luthier.   During his set, you'll no doubt see him play a guitar and a mandolin he crafted himself.  Enjoy!

Live sound mixing provided by Rob Sheele of Red Sonic Studios in Port Colborne.

(The coffeehouse is non-profit, simply for the love of music.  All proceeds donated to charity.)