In the summer of 2007, my younger brother Mich sat here in my front room with his two hand-made Armbrust guitars and played seven of his original compositions while I recorded them onto my computer, one-shot deal, no re-takes.  I only wish this had been done in a professional recording studio by a real recording engineer using state-of-the-art equipment but it is what it is...

     Mich is a self-taught guitarist who has learned to tune his guitar with odd "modal" tunings, strictly by ear because he doesn't know the names of the notes comprising these tunings.  He just goes by what sounds good to him...

     As many times as I've listened to these tunes, they still wrench at my heartstrings.  Hauntingly beautiful!  Proof that real music, like all true art, comes not from the brain but from the heart and soul!!!

Liliies In The Water

River Rafting

Riding The White Line

Waxing The Floor

What Are Brothers For

Printemps (Spring)

Monarch (...Butterflies)

All compositions copyright 2007 by Michel Germain.

Here's a review of Mich's feature set at the Fonthill Coffee House back in March 2009, written by Bronwyn Lane for the Pelham News.