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This book ("partly truth and partly fiction") is a narrative of events of a very important time of my life, the years 1956 through 1958. It all started when my father moved us from the East side of Welland to a house on Oakland Avenue, not far from the Welland River. I was "going on" 14 at the time, and got to meet a bunch of kids my age who lived in that neighbourhood. Having a river and a "bush" nearby, and all these guys to hang around with proved to be a magical mix. And once we found "the boat", well, that is the stuff that high adventure is made of.

"The River Rats" have long since dissolved as a group but the principals, Al, Roy, Charlie, Larry, Ron, and my sister, Louise, are still alive and well, and we all still harbour fond memories of those by-gone days.

I had to take a lot of liberties with the dialogue because, try as I might, I just couldn't remember exactly who said what. But I did strive to retain the essentials of how we each talked and behaved. And although events tend to take on a rosy hue through the time-worn glasses of retrospection, I tried very hard to keep the narrative as historically accurate as my failing memory allows.

So, guys, please forgive me if I've cast any of you in a bad light in the course of this writing. Know that I've always considered each and every one of you a very special friend.

And although we did call Margaret-Anne "Liver Lips" and Heather "Fatso", that was many many years ago, a lifetime ago, and I hope the statute of limitations for such libelous statements has long since expired. By way of expiation, let me just say that you all played a very important part in the making of some very fond memories. Enough said. Read on...

André G. Germain

Ch.1:   The Move
Ch.2:   Custer's Last Stand
Ch.3:   The "Ponds"
Ch.4:   Torturing Fish
Ch.5:   Baseball and Mrs. Myhill's Greenhouse
Ch.6:    Duke
Ch.7:   N.A.W.A. (Our Nature Club)
Ch.8:   Planning for a Hike
Ch.9:   Taking a Hike
Ch.10:  The Making of a Movie
Ch.11:  Cowboys and Indians
Ch.12:  Al Gets Amnesia
Ch.13:  The "Scow"
Ch.14:  Maiden Voyage
Ch.15:  The Jolly Roger
Ch.16:  Long May It Wave
Ch.17:  Turtle Creek by Water
Ch.18:  Peeping Toms
Ch.19:  Caught in the Act
Ch.20:  The Fort
Ch.21:  Summer Plans
Ch.22:  Camp Tomahawk
Ch.23:  Drawing First Blood
Ch.24:  Brownie Points
Ch.25:  The Broom
Ch.26:  Getting Even
Ch.27:  Charlie and his Tomahawk
Ch.28:  Sneakers for Breakfast
Ch.29:  Turtle Races
Ch.30:  "Three-Paw" (Winning IS Everything)
Ch.31:  Roughing It
Ch.32:  Larry's "Depth Charges"
Ch.33:  Chokin' Chicken
Ch.34:  The Lean of the Land and A Good Smoke
Ch.35:  Ramming Speed!
Ch.36:  The Wild One
Ch.37:  Halloween Approaches
Ch.38:  The Hanged Man
Ch.39:  Stuffing a Bird
Ch.40:  Dreamboat
Ch.41:  Nightmares
Ch.43:  Territorial Challenge
Ch.43:  Burning Our Bridges
Ch.44:  Dobney's Pool (Sherry Baby)
Ch.45:   Fire Ants and Frogs' Legs
Ch.46:  Sleeping Dogs
Ch.47:  Childhood's End


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